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Welcome to the web site of Liberty Baptist Church.
We at Liberty know that it was not by coincidence that you are here. Our God can use every detail of our lives and use it draw you closer to Him. We may think things happen by accident but God will use them to draw anyone to himself through Jesus Christ. We ask you to continue browsing our site, so that the God of Creation may show you what He wants you to see now and what He wants you to come back to later.

First of all, God is concerned about your personal relationship to Him. You man have heard or read the first verse of Psalm 23: "The LORD is my Shepherd…" This speaks of there being a personal relationship with the Lord. Do you really know Him? If not please go immediately to God's Plan for Man's Salvation, and find out how you can know for sure that you are one your way to heaven. Nothing else on this site is as important as this.

Now that you have come to this point, I would like to let you know something about Liberty Baptist Church of Lincolton, NC, and a little about myself. If you're a world wide web browser and not familiar with Lincolnton, we are located about 38 miles northwest of Charlotte, NC, U.S.A.

Pastor Steve Sigmon and a few other Christians started Liberty Baptist Church in 1979. These Christians had approached Pastor Sigmon about starting an Independent Baptist Church in Lincolnton. The church grew for several years until the Devil worked his way in and sowed discord among the believers. Many left and in 1996, the Lord led the old Liberty Baptist Church to give the church building to the current pastor.

I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior at an early age and, as I look back, I know God had his hand on my life to prepare me for the pastorate. (Even though He did not call me to the pastorate until I was forty years old!) I had always been active in church and had experience as an adult Sunday School teacher, but when God called me I knew I needed more training. God led me to come to Ambassador Baptist College in Shelby, NC and to attend Emmanuel Baptist Church. When I was about to graduate from Bible college, Pasotr Charles Surrett of Emmanuel asked me to start a church out of Emmanuel. When he asked the church to pray about sending me out, Brother Andy Stevens, also an ABC graduate, told me that he and his wife would come and help us.

Once confirmed by our church, we began looking for a place to meet about fifteen miles east of Emmanuel. However, God continued to close one door after another. While we continued to look, God was working on our hearts and the hearts of Pastor Sigmon and the few people at Liberty. God then cracked open a door of possibility, but it was not in the area in which we were looking, but rather, it was in Lincolnton. When we sought the counsel of Pastor Surrett, he instructed us to call Pastor Sigmon. We called him, then met. The old Liberty's five members gave us the church building and their checking account to start a new work in Lincolnton. Brother Andy and I felt since the old Liberty had the same biblical stand that we had as well as a good reputation in the community, that we would keep the name Liberty Baptist Church.

Since that time, we have grown by a few in numbers, but greatly in spiritual growth. The greatest testimony was from a man of seventy who was not even going to church, and is not a faithful member who claims that "God is everything to me." He exemplifies that personal relationship with God that we at Liberty want you to have. I promise, as pastor, to help you grow through the solid preaching of all the Word of God. Sometimes it will convict you of your wrong doing before God, and sometimes it will strengthen your faith. If you are sincere with God, you will praise Him for the conviction and the challenge to grow your faith. I also promise to challenge your worship of God, hoping that you with grow into a deeper, intimate relationship with God than you have ever had before. We will also help your children, from a toddler throughout childhood, to learn the love of God for them. We teach and show them God's love, and give them opportunities to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior in all of their classes. We at Liberty are a family in Christ who want you to join us in worship of our God.

Pastor Wayne Moore
and The People of Liberty Baptist Church

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